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Increased uptime with efficient preventive and breakdown maintenance


Seam4: Smart Enterprise Asset Management solution ensuring maximum uptime of assets at optimized cost is the key goal of plant maintenance teams. Modern and smart tools can assist maintenance team in realizing the goals effectively by bringing information in simple ways for consumption and actions.

Massetic SEAM4 is SAP asset maintenance solution, seamless planning board which supports the maintenance team in managing work orders and assignment of technicians with smart assistance and a powerful unique Gantt Chart. Smart asset maintenance helps in increased efficiency in maintenance of assets, timely work completion and higher asset performance as well as improvement in quality of repair job.

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Complete visibility of all relevant information from SAP on a planning board helps in prioritizing tasks and planning resources efficiently. SEAM4 eliminates need of navigating to multiple applications or screens as it provides all information on a single planning board seamlessly. Work orders can be easily modified to maintain spares / PRT, plan resources & maintain related documents. Planners can define release strategy and can create post processing actions.
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Planners can decide when to execute each of the work orders. Planners can check for prerequisites such as planned leaves of technicians, availability of spare parts, Shared Resources (PRT). Easy visualization of current load levels of technicians & understanding of overlaps for PRTs help planners to optimize scheduling. Flexible zoom levels help in micro planning of the work orders.
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Smart enterprise asset management solution SEAM4 enables flexible management of resources across work centers and supports in right technicians assignment to jobs. Planners can minimize overbooking and overtime scenarios with all the information available at a single place and with configurable alerts. Dispatching of tasks is made easy with drag and drop. The solution helps in rapid reallocation process. Planners can check right permits before dispatching of tasks.
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Execution / Monitor

Single screen execution support. It helps in checking real time status of work orders. Maintenance in charge can assign or reassign technicians based on availability, reserve material for work, equipment lockout, manage deviations, leaves of people. Planning board has several visual features for ease of understanding the status of the work orders.
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Integrated Material Management

Integrated material management is a powerful feature which helps in checking availability, creating purchase requests for materials and other resources seamlessly with only a few clicks from the planning process. An integrated material management supports timely availability of resources.

SEAM4 Highlights

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Designed for SAP users

Works smoothly within SAP ECC or S/4HANA. As a SAP asset management solution, it helps in smooth workflows for approvals, material and resource management without any need of a middleware for data synchronization.
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Simple and Proven

The easy to use solution is developed on SAP UI5 and follows Fiori Architecture to ensure a great user experience. The solution is easy to manage and can be modified to adapt to newer processes easily.
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Permit Integration

Maintain the right permits needed per operation. You can define your approval hierarchy and ensure prerequisites are met before releasing work orders. The complete workflow and documents for permits are managed with a non-disruptive integration with core SAP PM.
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Master Data Enrichment

SEAM4 provides smart asset managemet features to gradually enrich SAP EAM master data . All or partial bill of material, tasks associated with the work orders can be quickly moved to SAP EAM as master data. This EAM asset management software helps in future activities and reduces duplicate work.
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Mass Update

Mass updates increases speed and efficiency. SEAM4 supports features to support mass data update, shift complete or part of scheduled activities easily. Other features like material blockage for group of activities or group assignment of technicians helps in easing mundane work and reduces manual errors.
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Publish and interact

Synchronize planned assignments with technicians. Large size reports to publish weekly schedule on notice boards. Automatically publish orders to mobile devices of technicians. Push right collaterals for technicians for increased effectiveness.
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Advance reporting

Multiple ready reports like daily completion, pending reports, technician efficiency, planned vs. actual timeline, unproductive activities reports are available of the shelf. Advanced reports like SLA Adherence, Mean Time to Resolve, First Time Fix Rate, Technician Wise Closure Rate, Average Closure equipment wise & technician wise help in identifying patterns and provides insights for improvement areas.
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Key Benefits

Massetic SEAM4 cloud asset management software helps in making the maintenance process agile and thus helps in reduced MTTR (Mean time to resolve) and higher uptime of the assets. It helps in increasing closure per technician through better governance and clear transparency making it an enterprise digital asset management solution. Flexible deployment makes it both a digital asset management cloud and on prem solution.
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Mobile support

Massetic MOAST4 for technicians eliminates any paper processes and can increase wrench time by up to 50%. MOAST4 works seamlessly with SEAM4 and supports both Inspection and work order management. SEAM4 can work easily with any other mobile solutions.

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