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Increase wrench time and asset uptime with a powerful mobile App


Moast4: Mobile Asset Management Mobile solution for plant technicians can help in increasing wrench time as well as asset uptime. However, a mobile solution may not add sufficient value to the organization if it is difficult to use or difficult to manage. MOAST4 is an enterprise class, modern mobile solutions for SAP EAM users. It comes with a modern and easy to use interface. MOAST4 takes care of both inspection and work order management. It comes with powerful offline capabilities, in-built device monitoring features, Bar-code/RFID support, camera integration etc. The solution can be easily modified for specific processes of organizations. It integrates seamlessly with SAP and other third party solutions like document management or collaboration systems.
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Inspection Management

Technicians can get routes, schedules, equipment locations on their devices. Other details like equipment history, measurement points with limits can be accessed from the mobile application. Manual and auto notifications creations, equipment calibration, time confirmation are some other key features to ease inspection management & make it completely paperless.
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Work Order Management

Work Order list with equipment locations, equipment history and details of permits and approvals can be easily accessed from the mobile device. Technicians can get design documents, manuals, parts and PRTs required on the mobile devices. Technician can also create new notifications and confirm time and resource consumption from the mobile application. Technicians can record consumption of spare parts with batch or serial number.
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Spare Parts Management

Technicians can manage local Inventory of spare parts & tools, issue spare parts and return. Real time transparency of usage and availability of PRTs and tools allows optimization of resources and tools available to complete the work orders on time. Options to manage parts in serialized or in batch, record consumption of spare parts allows transparency across all departments.
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Seamless Integrated processes

Integration with other systems helps to increase overall efficiency of the tasks. MOAST4 allows seamless integration with other systems like permit management, EHS, GPS, maps, document management and attendance management. MOAST4 can bring data from multiple systems and provide a seamless experience to technicians. These features help in reducing safety incidents, increases first time maintenance & increasing wrench time.

MOAST4 Highlights

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Enterprise Class Platform

MOAST4 runs on a powerful platform which is robust, scalable, secured and supports easy rollout of the application. It supports multiple devices and OS. The out-of-box solution is feature rich and can be configured easily. Customers can add or change fields, forms or workflows with the workbench.
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Seamless Offline

MOAST4 works seamlessly online & offline. With the sophisticated synch mechanism and powerful data distribution rules, it automatically syncs up when connectivity is available.
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Simple and Easy to Use

The solution is designed to facilitate easy learning and adoption. Lower training efforts help in faster rollout.
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Integrated Mobile Device Features

MOAST4 supports authenticated picture capture, Bar-code / RFID, document management, GPS and maps and thus leverages device features to increase efficiency of technicians.
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MOAST4 provides mobile reports & customizable notifications. Graphical and modern view of operational data in the form of reports supports technicians in performing their tasks.
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Key Benefits

MOAST4 helps in increasing wrench time of technicians by up to 50%. It helps in efficient utilization of PRTs and tools. Timely and increased first time closure of work orders help in reduced outages. Permit integration and availability of manuals help in reduced safety incidents. Transparency on all activities and learning helps in adherence to regulatory compliances and thus helps un reduced deviations as well as fines.
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