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Asset intensive industries experience several challenges in increasing plant uptime and at the same time reducing maintenance cost. To tackle this huge challenge in increasing the uptime at optimized cost, simple, proven and innovative Massetic suite of can be of significant help.

Massetic suite of solutions helps SAP customers address problems and bring efficient planning, increased asset uptime, improved productivity through higher levels of transparency by bringing comprehensive planning and execution within SAP together with exhaustive, powerful and user friendly mobile solutions. Massetic solutions are designed to suit specific industries.

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Oil and Gas

Seamless, comprehensive and unique Shutdown and Turnaround management solution for SAP Oil and Gas users. User friendly Mobile solutions with powerful configuration capabilities for work order, calibration and inspection management

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Mining & Metal

SAP based asset maintenance solutions for Mining and metal Industries for Shutdown and Turnaround management. Powerful mobile solutions to empower the maintenance workforce.

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Powerful, comprehensive and easy to use mobile solutions for management and maintenance of the distributed infrastructure of traditional and renewable power generation and distribution companies. Powerful map

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Empower the maintenance team with relevant asset, material information for planning and execution. The solutions help in reduced cost, higher wrench time and increased asset uptime.

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Reduce the Shutdown duration with comprehensive planning and execution management solution designed for cement organizations. The mobile solutions facilitates connected workforce,

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Asset maintenance cost and uptime is a key performance indicator for pharmaceutical Industry. Massetic helps in increasing response time as well proper closure of work orders at lower cost.

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