No industry is left when it comes to making the most of what technology has to offer. In the last decade or so, technology is behind some most significant changes the world has seen in plant asset management. Enterprise asset management (EAM) has undergone a considerable shift to embrace these changes. Research conducted in this area has revealed specific exciting and the same time, quite surprising things. We won’t be taking reference from any particular study or study. Most studies say that many organisations haven’t invested in SAP EAM mobile solutions yet. But this number has been continuously coming down in the past few years. And that says a lot about the change in the attitude of organisations towards SAP mobile asset management solutions.

Another reason for the growth in popularity of SAP asset management solutions over the years is the incapability of traditional methods to capture and manage maintenance data. Also, companies like Massetic that are coming out with these solutions have to be applauded for their efforts. They are using the latest technology and designing state-of-the-art solutions equipped with innovative features to make plant asset management much easier than it used to be.

As these plant asset management solutions, the SAP work manager solution gives industrial plants an excellent opportunity to use a connected worker strategy to transform their static and sometimes reactive plan maintenance processes completely. With these solutions, they can make plant maintenance programs more dynamic. With the versatility and utility of these SAP EAM mobile solutions, plants using them are witnessing an increase in workers’ productivity, less time wasted on unwanted tasks, more wrench time, and much improved operational efficiency. What more can you ask for from an SAP mobile asset management solution?

Suppose your company is considering switching to SAP asset management and has started looking for a suitable solution. In that case, you need to make sure that you take your time as this is a significant decision. If it goes wrong, you will have a lot to regret about more than money. On the other hand, choosing the right solution will help support your digital transformation efforts in the future and also build trust among your plant workers and managers. What factors should you base your decision on when looking for a winning SAP EAM mobile solution?

Here are a few things in an SAP mobile asset management solution that can make a difference for asset-intensive organisations:

  • Inspection Management: A best-in-class SAP mobile asset management solutions like MOAST4 from Massetic Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd will make inspection management a breeze for plant workers. Technicians performing plant maintenance activities can access essential details on their mobile devices to make their jobs a lot easier than usual. They can see the location of equipment that needs maintenance and maintenance schedules, amongst other things on their device. There are several further asset inspection details that technicians can easily access on their device with the help of the solution. This application of the mobile phone of plant workers also gets paper entirely out of inspection management activities. No wonder more and more industrial plants have started investing in plant asset management solutions.

  • Work Order Management: This is another essential aspect of mobile asset management solutions. The traditional methods made work order management an arduous task. However, solutions like MOAST4 significantly improve the conventional techniques that we were used to earlier. Technicians can access work orders and essential related information, such as the location of equipment, maintenance history of the equipment, and information related to approvals and permits. They have everything from PRTs and design documents to parts and manuals available on their mobile device. The SAP mobile application also enables technicians to feed details, including resources required and conform time to the system.

  • Easy Integration: Another essential thing that industrial plants need to consider when they are looking for an asset management solution is whether it can be seamlessly integrated with other systems that are already in place. Suppose a system can be integrated with other systems. In that case, it can considerably reduce the time and effort put into completing different maintenance tasks and, at the same time, ensure those tasks are performed at the highest levels of efficiency. If we talk about MOAST4, it provides easy integration with many other systems, including maps, permit management, attendance management, EHS, document management, GPS, and more. Integration is vital because it helps exchange and transfer data between different systems, which is the key to ensuring that technicians always have access to the data they require performing other tasks. This eventually leads to an increase in wrench time, reduction in safety-related events, and an increase in resolution of maintenance issues in the first instance.

In addition to these factors, industrial plants must look for an SAP EAM mobile solution quickly rolled without any downtime. It should be assertive and secure, just like MOAST4 from Massetic. A solution that can’t be scale according to the plan of maintenance needs in the future isn’t going to be the right option if you are looking for a solution that you expect to offer value for money over some time. Also, ensure that the system is compatible with a range of OS and devices. You wouldn’t want to be spending money on something that works with one device and fails to work with another. Another critical factor that makes MOAST4 the best in the business is its ability to work online and offline. It continues to function even when internet connectivity is lost and syncs with other systems s soon as connectivity resumes.

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